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Tom Givens (Rangemaster) has a great seminar/presentation he's put together with data from defensive gun uses (DGUs) from his former students. When I saw the presentation about 5-6 years ago, it was up to 65 former students of his who had fired a gun in self-defense. That's *fired in self-defense*, not "produced a gun without shooting".

The data he summarized supported the earlier statements in this thread about a typical DGU being only a couple of rounds. He said the average DGU was 3 rounds, at about 3 feet distance, and was over in 3 seconds or less. However, the extremes of rounds fired and distance were 11 rounds (all that the defender had in his gun when he experienced a home invasion, if he'd had more he'd have fired more), and a distance of 25 yards- one guy sitting on his porch reading the paper was attacked from across the street, and had to make 25 yard hits in order to stop his attacker.

On average it's very close and only a couple of rounds, but since you can prepare for the worst, you should. It would be awful to need more than 3 rounds and not have it, or to need to make a far shot and not be able to. Hope for the best, but train for the worst case.

By the way, of those 65 former students of his who needed to fire in self-defense? 63 prevailed against their attackers. The two who did not prevail, did not have their guns on them when they were attacked, and were killed by their attackers.
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