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James, I fully expected to have a gunfight before I died, I was amazed when I realized that it wasn't very likely. I was amazed that my father even failed to kill someone during his time in the air force.

It's a fact, no matter how many people deny it, people are influenced by what they see, and people are quite often delusional about such things. Not saying that it doesn't happen, but millions of people go through life without violence. Millions of people go through life without a terror attack.

My wife thought I was nuts for keeping defensive guns where I could access them, but after years of reminding hey that random tragedies happen she understands. She even carries mace. Otoh, I am continually amazed that she never locks her car doors until she has to stop her car next to a scary person.

Maybe being hit by numerous stupid drivers was what changed her. When a guy on a motorcycle goes over your hood after doing something incredibly stupid triggered it.

If this made no sense, it's because of a very nice bottle of champagne.
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