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you never know when someone will backshoot you just for the hell of it, you can't begin to plan for these things.

Plan for what you can. make sure that you have an appropriate weapon and prepare for what could reasonably expected to happen. A farmer shouldn't carry the LCP as he works his fields. a model 29 isn't appropriate for mall carry. Will you possibly get into a crazy situation at a mall, in a store? maybe. It happens. Maybe you should train yourself to shoot at the distance across the main hallway of a mall, or across a typical shoe store.

There is no reason to stop there, there is just a minimum level of training that you should acquire if you you intend to be safe under even minimal normal conditions. If I didn't train at fifty plus feet, I couldn't even shoot the length of a bar that I go to occasionally. I couldn't shoot across a walgreens. Not an intersection. Training for your SAT exam by going over your sixth grade math book isn't going to work, is it?
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