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So it is then...I suspect try to envision all the eventualities and prepare for the worst.
I have failed to articulate this point so many times I am either going to have to abandon it entirely as an invalid argument beyond my inability to articulate it or simply give up on the argument. Regardless let's try again.

You cannot be prepared for the absolute worst case scenario. Recently around here a jogger, on a reasonably well traveled road in a "safe" area, was shot and killed by an individual in a passing car seemingly without warning. While one must be vigilant and aware of his or her surroundings this type of random non-targeted violence can sometimes be done in a manner which one cannot reasonably defend against unless living as a hermit appeals. Likewise if for some reason a dozen "delta force level" individuals in body armor and with long guns decide they are going to take you out and decide to lay in ambush for you it is unlikely you are going to overcome them.

What is the worst case scenario that you are able to envision as possible and envision yourself as being able to overcome? Prepare for that.

Your ability to overcome a situation is likely limited by your training - though it should be noted there have been surprising results from seemingly untrained individuals. Your training is limited by both time and money.

It is further limited by your equipment. While a highly trained individual will likely do better with limited equipment than a novice there is a point in which equipment will limit you. Your equipment is limited by comfort and mode of carry. We are not, for the most part, wondering around with battle rifles and other long guns in body armor. Some find that belt carry is simply to limiting to them for social and practical reasons and opt for pocket carry. This places a distinct limit on equipment. Others feel that carrying a belt gun is the limit of reason and chose not to carry a spare magazine. Those that carry spare magazines stop often at one or two.

I would argue don't over equip your training by some ridiculous degree. With that said it would suck to run out of equipment before you ran out of ability.

Personally my "worst case" scenario, in my mind, involves human trafficking and an attempt to snag one of my children. I don't worry about myself when I'm out jogging. I prepare for the (likely overblown) reports involving a group of potential abductors (about 3-4) and am confident in my ability to fend off such an attack. I do train for slightly different scenarios but this is the one that I feel I MUST overcome if it occurs and it occupies more of my thoughts than it should.

Your own worst case scenario that you feel you have a reasonable chance of overcoming will be different. Train for it and slightly different scenarios and you are likely doing what you can with the limited time any of us have.
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