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Old marksman is right, average is kind of a mind killer. We read average, and assume that the fifteen foot average will be what presents itself, and we will train at fifteen foot ranges, and expect that whatever happens to us will wind up being fifteen feet or less.

An average, whether mean, mode, median, all three are different, is compiled with numerous bits of data. the handful of fifty yard shootings that actually occur balance the numerous sd shootings that take place at ten feet or less.

While most people never face a fifty foot shooting situation, it happens all of the time.

Here's a thought. Do you think that a police officer is special, so special that he will always have different situations from the public? No, they will have situations at all sorts of ranges. A few years ago, here, a guy was dating an ex wife, the ex husband came to the theater and shot him down from a relatively long distance. Our police had a running gun fight that covered about eight blocks, at distances that reached about forty yards or so.

Police train at various distances, but I believe that the default qualification starts at fifty feet.

Your training should start at a distance that will cover a larger range of situations, I'd suggest starting at fifty.
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