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Are there any stats on the average DISTANCE and NUMBER OF SHOTS fired in a self defense confrontation?
Statistics are routinely compiled for police shootings. Contrary to some popular beliefs, those do, or the most part, involve self defense or the defense of others, as do lawful civilian uses of force.

But the circumstances do not really compare. Civilians do not make traffic stops or enter homes to respond to domestic violence calls or respond to robbery calls. And police officers are not expected to avoid trouble.

There are some rather small data sets relating to civilian shootings. The shootings by Rangemaster training graduates are the best known. I remember seeing reports from another source in Tennessee, also.

This would seem to have an influence on what to CCW....
It may so seem, but they would not be helpful.

First, averages are rather useless for decision-making, except for such things as pricing insurance policies.

Second, there are far too many variables. Too many unknowns and too few equations, as it were.
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