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Thanks, 44. I'm thinking it might be useful to pattern the loads at say, no more than 15-20 yards and drop the charge if the patterns are blown. Isn't it unusual that Speer would recommend the same 7.2gr charge with all 3 shots sizes and have no relationship to weights? As you can see, stuffing those capsules full of different sizes does not produce capsules of equal weight.

But if 8.0 gr reveals no problems with pushing 143gr of #8, the only issue with using 8.0gr with the two lighter, but larger shot loads is lousy patterns, as you suggested.

Aside from pheasants, I had an opportunity to take out a rather large Norwegian rat in our yard who was burrowing under dead grass I used as mulch. I got within 10 yards and it stood up to look; I dusted it with a load of 6's.

I'll see if I can test them this week.

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