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In Grizzly country, I doubt there is much of any advice I would take other than just stay out. I normally shoot a ton of 9mm ammo in practice and training. IF i had to go into Grizzly country, and had to choose a weapon, I am not sure at all what I would carry, but you can bet that I would train consistently as I do for self defense EDC which means thousands of rounds. Perhaps even more. Having to be so damn good a shot as to hit a massive Machine coming at you with ultra fast speed solid muscle mass, thick massive bone structure is for the best of the best. You have to hit this lightening force in the center of the brain that is akin to hitting a Baseball size object throwm at you.

Check out this one PAW. It alone is a heinous weapon in itself. I would not go charging off to Alaska in Griz territory just from listening to internet posters without having a whole lot of Preparation and packed with a whole lot of experience.
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