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Those guns are tanks. Our city PD adopted the slightly newer version, 5906, in 1994. They used those same guns for 20 years before upgrading in 2014. I have no idea how many rounds were put through them but our PD was very happy with the guns. By 2014 that gun was no longer in production or they would have bought more of the same.

Very early SS pistols did have some issues with galling, but that was resolved back in the 1980's.

FWIW, most any all steel pistol is going to be good for over 100,000 rounds. The newer plastic pistols generally last at least as long with several Glocks documented with over 300,000 rounds with no major parts breakage.

It is the aluminum framed guns that tend to have less longevity, but even at that you'd expect 30,000-50,000 rounds. More ammo than almost anyone will ever shoot. And if you can afford the ammo to wear out a gun, you can afford to buy another gun. You'd spend $10,000+ on ammo to wear out a gun.
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