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Originally Posted by JohnKSa
So far, I afraid to shoot a lot with it because I read articles that SS guns with SS frame and SS slide can have excessive wear on the rails if the SS metal of the slide and frame is not matched up. That it can cause excess wear.
You can used a moly-containing grease to prevent galling, if that is a concern. Some sources say that a nickel-based antisieze would also be a good choice.
John is correct, the problem (when it existed) was galling, not wear per se. And, as John suggested, a good grease, especially one containing moly, should take care of that. In fact, even running the gun "wet" with oil should do it. Galling occurs when two metal surfaces rub against one another. If they are riding on an oil film, there is no metal-to-metal contact to gall.

I would not use an anti-sieze compound as a lubricant. Why not? Because (in a non-firearms application) I tried that a number of years ago. It was a dismal failure. A replacement bearing that should have lasted a minimum of ten years in normal service lasted a week. The next time I used grease.
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