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Motor oil seems to work just fine...
Yep. Probably good as any and better than most. Certainly "economical".

If you want some "diversity" in your choices just do a search on this forum for "lubrication" and you'll find everything from Mobile 1 to Rem Oil to WD-40 (A very bad choice. NO, NO A VERY GOOD CHOICE!!!) to Baby Oil (how many babies do you think they have to squeeze to get a pint of baby oil?) to bacon grease (works great but it does attract bears but that doesn't matter because you have a gun for the bears but what caliber for bears...let's not go there now.).

Just for something completely different, I've had good luck with this on a 1911 style gun that I shot a lot back in the days of bullseye matches (stand up straight, put your off hand in your pocket (never mind why) and shoot with your head up.
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