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I read quite a few review on line today(which it wasn't available in the old days). I am surprised there is no bad review, just the recall on the safety which I don't even know mine has a problem or not. That's not too bad. The complain is bulky and heavy.........Who doesn't know that?!!! It was pre-polymer days, what do you expect. That's why I am looking at only polymer guns.....I don't want to call plastic guns as they are NOT. Polymer is a very strong material. To put in perspective, one time I bought a bottle of alcohol and they forgot to take off the locking cap. I thought how hard it is to break it!!! I have big vise, sludge hammer and all the tools and bench. Guess what, after clamping on the big vise, hammered with a 5lbs hammer, I quietly went back with the leaking bottle to the store and exchange to a new bottle without the cap!!! Those polymer is TOUGH, it will not crack, it will not chip, It was compressed by the blow of the hammer that it squeezed the plastic cap of the bottle and cracked it and it started leaking. for the life of me, I could not remove the stupid cap!!! When I returned it, it only had a few scratches......after getting beat by a 5lbs sludge hammer repeatly, plying and all.

Ha, I did not know there is gun grease back in the days. Motor oil seems to work just fine. I am glad I have the 659, I definitely keeping it. hell, I have a 20 rounds mag.

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