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My 90s Smith 915 was the cheap version of the 5900 series.

Here is a review of the 5906

A 3rd generation variant my 915 had many more than 1000 rounds down the tube during my ownership and I sold it years later at a small profit. It was a rattly gun to begin with when unloaded. But the slide only wore the finish off the aluminum frame rails a few places. Otherwise it was still in perfect working order. The steel on steel 659s were built like tanks and 3rd generation pistols could be had in 45ACP and 10mm with a slightly larger frame! Trust me on this, the worries of galling or breakage after only 1000 rounds are unfounded.

The basic design dates back to the model 39 introduced in 1955 and according to this article, was adapted to use a double column magazine for special forces and then offered as the model 59. Between revolvers and GLOCKs the Smith and Wesson Autos where adopted by many departments and served for decades.

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