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Anyone have a S&W 659 that shot a lot of rounds?

I own a 659 for many years(since the 80s). I only have less than 1000 rounds through it. So far, I afraid to shoot a lot with it because I read articles that SS guns with SS frame and SS slide can have excessive wear on the rails if the SS metal of the slide and frame is not matched up. That it can cause excess wear.

When I first shooting the gun, I use normal gun oil to lube the rails, I saw the oil turned dark like with very fine particles ( powder). So I change to using 10-40 motor oil. that seems to help a lot. So I was afraid the 659 have slide and frame metal that doesn't match and cause excess grinding. So I stop shooting the gun after I proofed it is ultra reliable. ( I had to do a lot of gun smithing to make it ultra reliable, long story).

It's been over 20 years, internet and forums are popular now that I did not have at the time to ask question. So I want to get opinions from people that own and shot a lot with the 659 to tell me how well the gun hold up. Am I over worry that it's only breaking in the gun that gave me the fine particles?

It's a good gun, it's a little heavy. But I am not carrying it around, it's for home defense. I have two 14 round mag that came with the gun and I have a 20 round mag that all tested out reliably. Living in people's republic of Kalif, I can't buy any pistols that have mag over 10 rounds, So the 659 is a treasure!!!


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