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When will we be able to buy Glock G46 in US?

Originally Posted by Double Naught Spy View Post
So the rotary barrel is supposed to be more accurate, which I guess is just fine except for the fact that Glock pistols were already plenty accurate for pistols. Given typical pistol shooting distances, the accuracy aspect likely won't matter to most shooters as they won't actually be able to shoot well enough to notice a difference and/or won't be shooting far enough to notice a difference.

Here is an "old" Glock 17 with 365K rounds through it that is shooting better groups than the rotary barrel at the same distance. Granted, it is a 3 shot versus 5 shot group and the results are not 100% comparable, but it attests to the idea that the improvement in accuracy isn't apt to be noticed by (most) shooters.

The down side to the rotary barrel, according to the article, is increased wear, which Glock says they have dealt with by hardening the locking surfaces.

I am all for guns being more accurate, but I am not sure that the purported increased accuracy is significant enough to account for the increased complexity of design or other potential issues that may crop up with a new design that are previously resolved with the old design. It is sort of like the New Coke issue. Nothing was wrong with the old Coke.

Comparing group sizes across different users at different sites brings in a lot of variables. Ammunition choices, how the pistol is shot, etc. Is that Glock 17 actually more accurate than a Glock 46? Hard to say. I agree regular Glocks are certainly accurate. I will say that I personally have noticed the Gen 5 Glocks I own to be more accurate than the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks I’ve owned. Sometimes changes can result in noticeable differences.

This new design adds 3 parts over a standard Glock. Could those 3 parts be problematic? They might be.

One other advantage of this is supposed to be somewhat reduced felt recoil due to the lower bore axis (the second article above has a picture showing the difference). Will this really matter when shooting 9mm out of a compact sized 9mm? I don’t know.

In the end no one here wrote the contract. Someone did write the contract and Glock won it, which is good for Glock regardless of if they sold this new pistol or a previously existing design. As best as I can tell whether or not the differences are worth it is somewhat of a moot point because there is no evidence this will be offered for civilian sales.

Some people actually liked New Coke better, as crazy as that might be. It doesn’t seem like Glock will stop developing tilting barrel pistols any time soon so Old Coke isn’t going away.

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