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Yup, you do not need to resize all of the neck. 2/3 of the neck, or a bit less, would be fine. Looks like your problem is solved. Remember though that F. Guffy correctly stated that the way you are sizing doesn't lead to a supported case body or neck, all of which lead to a less than perfect result. I suggest that you buy a good standard Full Length Sizing die. You can use that for full length sizing or for Partial Resizing (come on Bart B, step out of the shadows. I miss you). Some may suggest a bushing type die, but you might not be quite ready for that.

In explanation, Bart B does not approve of Partial Resizing for max accuracy. I disagree in some applications, which depends on case design, whether they are tapered cases (270 and 220) or not (243 or 308, for instance.
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