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@603Country That's just it, I had no issues when sizing the 7.62x54r brass even with the .308 expander ball installed. Yes, I'm aware that .30 cal encompasses a few sizes ranging anywhere from roughly .304 -.314" and that .30cal European rifles are typically .311" as T.O'Heir mentioned above. I will swap out the ball for the .311" for the 7.62x54r (something I should have remembered) before I do anything else with them.

Screwing the die out a couple of 1/8 turns did actually eliminate the shoulder buckling while only yielding around 90% of the neck being re-sized. So then it's not super critical that the ENTIRE neck be sized? I was worried that would somehow effect feeding and chambering.

Like T.O'Heir said, it is not ideal to conduct these operations via trial and error especially with brass that is a little harder to find. Reloading Rifle cartridges is relatively new for me and I'm sure one could assume my level of expertise on the subject simply by the initial questions I asked. I'm completely open to learning though I am a visual learner. I appreciate you all collectively for your tolerance of a newbie and your time.
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