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I have a fair number of handguns, among them are:
A Taurus 44-Ten Tracker with 6.5" bbl
A Taurus 44-Ten Tracker with 4.5" bbl
A Taurus 970 Tracker wit 6.0" bbl
A Taurus 24/7 Pro
A Taurus M85B

The 44-Tens are the most fun to shoot of any guns I own. They put a big grin on my face every time.

The 970 is the most accurate gun I own, better than any of my Smiths or Rugers.

The 24/7 is kinda ugly, but functional. 5000+ rounds of varous sorts including handloads with never a failure of any sort. What more could one ask of a carry gun?

The 85B came into my possesion one day when I decided I wanted a snubby carry gun. I looked at all the .38s they had in the gun shop and narrowed my choice down to a Ruger, a Smith and the Taurus. I chose the Taurus, not because of price, rather due to percieved quality of fit and finish and overall smoothness of action and trigger pull. That day, in that particular gun shop, the little all-steel Taurus 85B was the best .38 Special snubbie overall.

My 55+ years of owning, buying and shooting guns tells me that a modern Taurus gun is a pretty darn good gun. I have no experience with older Taurus guns which may or may not have been poorly built, I bought my first one in February 2006.
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