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Well simply put not EVERYONE sees and apreciates the finer points of evaluationg a gun... what may be common sense for one is only learned through a bad experince by another so I don't think it's worth getting on people for it... no one knows everything at any time and we all start off somewhere and hopefully get better as time goes by.

I say this being rather well educated, good with my hands, mechanically inclined if you will and STILL having bought some lemons that I should have left on the shelf or made other similar mistakes in buying or picking guns out .

Furthermore if you would like a list of gun dealer with whom I have delt that either would not allow one to snap hammers on guns AKA dry fire, and or who required a deposit to order a gun and then tried to strong arm one into buying it no matter what I'd be happy to give you the names and numbers of some of the real jerks I have run across. Don't even get me started on the guy who pulled all the extras out of my first AR15's box then "forgot" to put them back in. Would maybe be believable if it did not happen to 2 other people at the same place.

Frankly I find gun dealers to be of two types... great or abysmal.... not muc inbetween in my experince. Sad thing is the abysmal ones seem to keep going and going for the most part.
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