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TWB, my only .22WMR pistol is a Taurus 941. The double-action trigger is heavy. Then again, my friends S&W .22 WMR pistol has a double-action trigger that's twice that of his other S&W revolvers, as well. The factories made the triggers on these weapons heavier to insure reliable ignition.

Any pistol may have the trigger pull reduced by shortening the main spring. ANY pistol may suffer unreliable ignition after that is done. It's less a "marginally functional" effect, and more of a "I want that trigger lighter, or else" thing.

I sometimes wonder why we buy weapons that we don't feel are correct. You DID check out the trigger at the shop, right? Examine the revolver for defects? Yet, you still bought it. NOW, after having it modified into an unreliable piece, you come here to complain. Amazing.
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