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Taurus UL - .22 Mag

The Taurus UL I bought in .22 mag is the sorriest POS I have ever been burned with buying. Trigger pull is abysmal. Action is as smooth as #220 grit across your front teeth. Work by a gunsmith made it a smoother 20lb+ trigger. (He warned me in advance that the work, including a good trigger spring, would not bring this pistol up from the lousy level of manufacture - he was right.) Removing 3/4 turn off the mainspring yielded a gun that never fired again, thus demonstrating that the gun was marginal in function in the first place. I then got to sample the legendary Taurus service for a year and a half. I finally took it back and had the gunsmith make a spring to replace the one I shortened. I now await someone so evil, vile, disgusting and hopeless that I will consider selling this thing to, just for spite. Unfortunately, Charles Schumer probably isn't in the market for a .22 mag.
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