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The lightweight weapons of S&W are just as trouble prone as anyone elses. The two-piece barrel has had problems with backing out, and the frames are proving to be just as prone to stretching as aluminum frames used by others.

Aluminum frames aren't a difficult thing to manufacture, and I haven't heard the usual bashers of brands weigh in on them for that reason. As far as titanium goes, Taurus has been the ONLY manufacturer to actually make a true titanium weapon. The other pretenders only use titanium in certain parts, and not all that many at that.

If you plan on shooting 200-400 rounds per month of full-power ammo through any of these weapons, you'll find that they shhot loose quickly. They're meant for lots of carry, and little actual shooting. Regardless of brand.

Try to shoot a sample of the weapon you're intending to buy. Decide then if you like it. Check your example well before leaving the shop, including checking individial charge-holes with a snap cap, or an empty casing. Too many people seem willing to accept flawed weapons, pay good money, and then complain bitterly. They seem to think that their own lack of common sense is the fault of the manufacturer.
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