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EMT --

Hiking guns rapidly becomes a downward debate in many forums with opinions that range from a 22 to the 500 magnum. Pick what works for you.

Personally unless one is going somewhere where one has a huge chance of running across a big / angry preditor (i.e. grizzley bear) the 357 loaded with hard cast 180 gr hunting rounds does it for me. I usually carry a steel 5 shot 357... the Ruger Sp101 is the heaviest 5 shot out there so it's not bad to shoot with the hot hunting loads. For me this package combines something that hits hard, that I can shoot well and is something I actually want to carry along with all the other stuff.

The gun I move up to if I'm not carrying anything else or am in a serious preditor area is a Ruger alaskan in 454; but that gun is a chunk of metal to be carrying unless you really think you need. Most of the time I don't feel the need for it. Having a 44mag as a kind of middle of the road gun might be nice however I can't talk myself into stocking another caliber.
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