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Light weight 44 mag is going to be punishing... the smith 329 is not a fun gun to shot. That being said if you want a light 44 that it the gun to get.

The advershion to tarus os based on quality... it is spoty at best, so Tarus is adequate at best... many custom smiths refuse to work on tarus for this reason. While someone could arm twist me into owning a steel tarus if it was not a gun I carried for self defense I will always stay away from alunimum or titanium tarus products. The metalergy and manufacturing of these metals is much too critical esp for demanding uses such as firearms to trust it to an company like Tarus and their band of merry makers off in Brazil. Not to mention the fact that i ahve seen a tarus tracker in titanium with hunks of the top strap eroding due to some serious flaw....
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