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So much for Taurus service. When I got it back Tuesday, I loaded the cylinder and rotated it without firing. Wednesday, I ran into an indoor range, and fired one full cylinder before they closed. It fired all five, however two were a little hard to cock. Went home and cleaned the gun. Today (Sunday), I went to the range for the full test. Taurus Gets a frigging F--

It was just as bad as before and perhaps worse. Out of 100 shots, I was never able to cock the hammer on all five cylinders. The best I could ever do was four, and most of the time only 3. Three times, once cocked, I had to pull the trigger very hard to get it to fire. All I can say, is that Taurus service sucks, if after a repair the same problem still exists. There will be an interesting conversation

P.S. Should have known from the number of shooters who have said, "Never Taurus, Taurus stinks, or whats a lifetime guarantee worth when they have it all the time...................
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