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I hope the problem is fixed.

Stargazer, you asked about the experience of others - not sure if this is helpful but I have two (2) Smith 25-2s - both of which have had serious gunsmithing work - both of the Smiths are smooth as glass to shoot and, with the modifications to the cylinders, allow for reloading that beats the semi autos.

Unfortunately the Smiths are too big, too heavy and too bulky for daily CCW. For that purpose I have 2 inch Taurus Stellar Tracker. It has had some mild gunsmithing but has been just as reliable as the Smiths - and, at 7 yards it is just as accurate. I only shoot double action so I can't comment on the single action problems. I did, however, find that the chambers are "tight".

Prior to loading my ammo into the moon clips, I run each reload through the cylinder to check for fit. Most all load properly. The few that are too tight, I put to one side for use in my 1911.

Since the Taurus is my prefered carry gun it should be obvious that I have confidence in it. With almost 2000 rounds fired it has yet to not function properly.

And, yes, I paid less for it than a Smith 325 which I think is overpriced.

Please let us know how your Taurus works out. I hope as satisfactory as mine!

Charlotte, NC
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