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Sorry to hear about your Saab, I mean Taurus story.

Some American revolver shooters just don't get it.

Taurus just isn't the answer. Right now...would you trade your in-transit Taurus, a 100, 200, no-300 bucks, your aggravation, and wasted ammo for a working, brand name, 45ACP revolver? If you think shipping is expensive now, wait until you have to re-ship the thing again.

If I'm not mistaken Colt and Smithenweesal had the 45acp revolver concept figured out in what was it...1917; circa First World War. Did I say WW-One.

Currently there is a shooting sport called 'ICORE' with a thousand for so nationwide active shooting members; half of whom use 45acp revolvers on a regular basis. I bet not all their 45acp revolvers are brand name. And I'd safely say not all of the brand name 45 revolvers are perfect. But I bet the majority of 45acp revolvers arn't Taurus and arn't being shipped back to 'My-Hammy' or Brazil either.

I have alot of respect for you trying to fix the problem yourself and for the documentation. Regarding those little CS parts you referred to; if they are exclusively Taurus...not an exact copy of say a Colt or Smith...God help the next Taurus 45 acp revolver owner a few years from now when his discontinued model needs parts.
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