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I took the side plate of last night to get a better grasp of what is goin gon inside there. There is defintely two different firing points, one for DA and one for SA. The SA notch is at the very end of the hammer whereas the DA is a piece located on the hammer itself prior to the SA notch. I also noticed the pawl connecting bar is directly connected to the trigger. This bar slides between frame members and man that bar is in there very tight. I could see galling on the side of the bar and some on the side plate inside where the hammer rubs. If heat is causing the problem, maybe the tightness of that pawl bar is seizing up and causing the trigger to be unable to move in it's most rearward position. Most of the inside of the lockwork was dry so I put a dab of CLP on those galling spots to see if that will help the situation. I could swear the trigger will not budge when it acts up and I noticed that when the trigger does move back in SA, the safety bar raises just slightly. I will observe whether or not that bar moves. If it does move that means it is not something binding the trigger, but maybe something holding the hammer back. I have to push rather hard on that hammer to get it to drop BTW. I got to figure this out, I like the pistol and the caliber since I own (2) 45 ACP glocks as well. Will report what I find out.
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