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Taurus Tracker 45 ACP problem in SA

Guys I am new here. I have a brand new Tracker in 45 ACP that has a puzzling problem. After about 25-40 rounds ALL in SA, the pistol is hesitant to cock or stay cocked. Sometimes, and the last time out it happened 4 times, it will cock and no matter how hard I pull that trigger the hammer will NOT drop and fire the round. I have to push the hammer with my weak hand thumb to get it to fire. This happened (4) times Friday AM while I was out. DA works everytime perfect. I have used new Winchester, new Wolf and (2) different powders with my reloads and it does this every time. Sent it back to the factory, they have had it longer than I have, and they shot it (90) rounds and of course, no problem found. I will video tape the problem next weekend and send it back to them with the tape showing me pulling the trigger as hard as I can and the hammer not falling.

It doesn't seem like a powder fouling problem as I used 700X the last time out and it burns super clean. But the problem does not start until I have fired about 25-40 times every time I take it out. Any suggestions to fix this or as to what might be causing this? Thanks guys!
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