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The new full length (full power) spring might give you issues with your mid power handloads. You might have to adjust your loads closer to full power to get reliable function with the new, stronger spring.

Just FYI the GI standard for recoil springs is length (not compression weight) in the 1911A1 and M14 & M16 rifles I worked on, and I'm pretty sure it was in the M1 Garand and Carbine as well.

Not rusted, cut, kinked, flattened, or otherwise deformed and of X inches length = serviceable. Shorter = unserviceable (even if the gun still works ok)

A new spring will (and should) be longer than the specified serviceable length.

If possible you should get copies of the Army FM and TM manuals for the Carbine (sorry I don't know the numbers) The FM (Field Manual)will have all the user needed information and the TM (Technical Manual -for repair shop use) will have the serviceability requirements.
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