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Do you think the Fed informing local LEOs about your denial will contain the REASON you were denied?? Or just a blanket statement with "denied" and your name & address, allowing local law to draw their own conclusions??

There ARE denials that are NOT a result of you being a prohibited person.

If, "vigorous" local law people break into your home, (at Zero dark 30) stomp your kitten, shoot your dog, and perhaps worse, a family member or you, BECAUSE the FED gave them your name and incomplete or inaccurate information, who's going to be able to make you whole again? Mere money won't cover it, in my book...
Even if the consequences are not so dire, the cost in time and money to mount legal response to get one's firearms returned is likely to be substantial.

Corollary: What does the FBI NICS do after three days of 'delay'? Do they keep investigating even though the FFL may have proceeded with the transaction? Do they drop it? What are local LEOs expected to do after the three day wait, if they even have a mechanism for tracking?
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