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In the overall scheme of things, what percentage of any particular FFL's transfers do you think result in delays? I've been friends with the guy who runs the range for more than twenty years. Before COVID-19 closed the world, I used to hang around the shop before and/or after shooting for hours, chatting, once or twice a week. There's another small shop (no range) just 3 miles from home where I used to hang out for a few hours every Saturday. I have heard both of those FFLs make innumerable background check calls, and I have never heard a single one come back with either a denial or a delay.

If the intention was to create an excuse to collect data on gun owners, this doesn't seem like a very efficient or effective excuse for doing it. On the other hand, working in a busy [local] government office, I can understand why the law might have set a 24-hour window for reporting denials: if the time frame is longer, it's too easy to forget to do it.
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