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.22 LR shooting becoming more frequent?

Went to the nearest KY WMA shooting range today to sight in newly mounted scopes on bolt action rifles. It was completely vacant for the 2 hrs I was there which is unusual as others are usually shooting too, though it was a cool 37 degrees so that may have been a factor. There was a bunch of spent .22LR brass spread across the firing line and nothing else. Usually at this range there will be spent centerfire brass on the firing line, but this is the first time I haven’t seen any of that on the ground. This range is rifles only shooting thru pipes. Don’t care for the pipes but it is what it is to restrict where the bullets go.

So do you think centerfire shooters are conserving their ammo and shooting only .22LR or are actually shooting but collecting their expended brass for reloading?

I think shooting 22LR is going to mostly replace centerfire for many assuming they laid in the ammo for it, but that is just my two bits...

What do you folks think and what have you seen at your range lately? More frequent .22LR and less frequent CF?

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