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Yest there are actually three ways of looking at the working of the tuner. The one you are describing for a muzzle approaching the top or crest of the swing, the reverse which I described and that applies at the bottom or valley of the swing, and then there is simply the muzzle position pause during the overall elevating motion of the barrel that is brought about by downswing. I failed to segregate all that out. But even Varmint Al mentions debating about exactly where the tuning occurrs. The only person who measured the missing information element was Harold Vaughn, who put inertial sensors on the muzzle of a rifle, but was using them to detect moments of inertia rather than the tuning event. But it could be resolved by puting an inertial sensor and a strain gauge at the muzze to detect bullet base arrival at the end of the barrel so we can see how the phases of the swing and bullet exit overlap.
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