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600 yds

Wanting a new rifle in 6.5CM is reason enough to have one if a fella is so inclined. The 6.5 CM gets to 600 and beyond with less drop and drift than a .308, and thus is more forgiving with range and wind estimations. It does that with less recoil as well. The 6.5CM has also been wildly touted in the gun press. Resultantly, a lot of 6.5CM rifles have been sold, and though developed as a paper puncher, there are undoubtedly now a lot of those rifles afield for game. I've been tempted to obtain a Kimber Hunter in 6.5CM myself.

For me, thing is, as primarily a hunter, I don't shoot stuff at 600 and beyond. Additionally, in fact I don't think there's a 600 yd range within an hours drive of me if I wanted to punch paper that far out. So I've resisted the urge to get a 6.5CM.

So far.
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