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Michael Priddy
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Yea I save a little money, but that is not why I reload. There is a huge variety of bullet shapes/weight that can't be found in factory laods. I can't get MOA groups with factory stuff. It is good enough to hunt with. I have found that the single most important factor for accuracy other than consistancy in measureing the powder charge is seating depth to three decimal places. The satisfaction of working up a load that will shoot under a half inch and taking it hunting is far superior to walking in Kmart's and buying a box of thuty thutys. I guess any money I save by reloading is burned up by shoot more often. No?? I don't guess I have saved any money reloading when I consider the rifle rest, spotting scope,laser range finder,chronograph, computer programs, custom guns. But it has kept me out of bars and fooling around with strange women..Mike
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