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Buck up, chuck! You'll adapt soon enough. Remember when the logo changed?

I always go to General first, then Legal/Political, then the "other stuff". But once I'm inside the forums proper, I navigate the site with the "Hop To" menu at the bottom of each page, so the order of the main forums page is less important for my convenience.

So here I have to admit that I was wrong awhile ago. For a short time, the "Hop To" menu showed all of the forums without having to scroll down the box to get to any of them. The problem for me was that the order of the forums in the menu box was different than the the main forums page. Pretty rough! (I'm easily confused, I guess).

But now I have seen the error of my naivete, and have sacrificed many a shotshell to please the gods such that they might return the "Hop To" menu to the "No Scroll Required" configuration.



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