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Hi-Point 4595 Trigger Job?

The range where I shoot just got in a Hi-Point 4595 carbine (.45 Auto) to use as a rental. It will be a companion to the Hi-Point 9mm and .40 S&W carbines they already have. They've been swamped and didn't have time to test it, so the manager on duty asked me to do so last night while I was waiting for some co-workers to arrive. It was my first time shooting a Hi-Point anything and, despite its inherent ugliness, I was somewhat impressed. Accuracy with the standard iron sights was more than acceptable.

What I didn't like -- and reported to the manager -- was that the trigger pull was quite long and creepy. Not gritty, just seemed to be a lot of creep. He asked me if that could be cleaned up with some polishing, and I said it was creep, not gritty, and I didn't think just polishing would help much. Beyond that, I'm out of my league because I've never before touched a Hi-Point.

Does anyone know anything about the Hi-Point mechanism? Is there a way a person who knows his way around inside a 1911 could clean up the trigger and take some of the creep out?

Here's the gun:

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