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I don't know about other areas of the country, but there isn't a range in Northern VA that allows steel core ammo. Most steel case 7.62x39 FMJ ammo comes with steel core bullets - Wolf, Bear, Tula are the most used examples. The hollow points generally are not steel core.
You can check whether it is steel core by simply using a magnet in proximity of the bullet, not the case. The reaction is very obvious.

By the way, apparently at least one the vendors at local gun shows in the area have sold boxes of steel case ammo marked 'lead core' that we found to be steel core when they were tested with a magnet at our range. Talk about some really ticked off buyers who were following the rules when they couldn't shoot the bullets that they bought in good faith!

At our outdoor range, steel core bullets have actually penetrated our baffles that are there to protect bullets from leaving the range. It was a simple question of banning steel core bullets or risk having to close down our range.
Indoor ranges in northern VA have had severe damage to their protective rear plates and were the first to ban steel core ammo.
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