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Set back in 9mm 1911's and others

I dislike voodoo reloading-keep it simple. I did not have a problem with my old RIA 1911 9mm. It ran like a top but for some poor magazines.

To most anybody I'd suggest looking at bullet changes and use of a taper crimp die. Also, look at COL. I can have one or more of these things out of line and the wheels come off. Bad magazine in that RIA would double feed. That's the mother of all malfunctions. In my experience the standard 1911 is the easiest of all handguns to live with (bad grammar).

Trash bad magazines: I cannot comment further since I have not had a round jam up in the throat. Should that have happened I would look to my handloading. The majority of my recent reloads have been with the hand cast Lyman 356402 bullets. No jacketed bullets in this 9mm save some 9mm factory. Shape of the bullets and short ramp on my 1911 45ACP makes for reliability. Again magazine and/or cartridges first. No problems here with two 9mm SIG's at different times.
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