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Warnings and Feed Ramps

Common Sense: First up, if you do think repeated chambering is unsafe do not do it! :

Cooked: This is easy. Explain how a bullet contacts the very base of the feed ramp on a Glock. Starts at the bottom of the ramp and zigzags up That's simply not the way that works. That is, unless the somebody, Bubba, has altered the gun. Unless my three guns are unique. I don't think so. The Guilty Fleeth...."

So far I have not been able to find anything about set back in the owner's manual in the "5/04 form." If this is the case, shame face on Glock for keeping it a secret. That is, unless it has been discovered between 2004 and 2015.

The full manual is for Glock armorers: The armorer that did the Glock workshop I attended did not share this set back information with us. He is a retired LEO. If set back is such a big deal how come it's not in the literature in the box? Was the Armorers manual for general use and in wide circulation? Nope.

Somebody help me with set back in Glock commonly circulated official owners literature. I'm not saying such is not there. If have not found in the owner manual. So far, no warning on set back has been found in the Ptooma Productions "The Complete Glock Reference Guide" If there is one in the book please point it out to me. Thanks for your help.

Added: I could not find the set back warning in the Glock Manual. A page number would help. Deformed ammo yes but no to set back.
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