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Originally Posted by J.G. Terry View Post
Nobody has explained about the other rounds. Do they set back or is it limited only to the first round chambered? Should not this set back be happening to all the rounds cycled through the gun?

Where is there genuine examples of set back rounds making a KB? This would come from some source other than the net. "Everybody knows" does not count. I am not talking about a rehash of increasing pressure as bullets being seated deeper in the case. Most of this KB stuff is to cover up a double charge anyway.

Some of the photos here are dubious. Not all but some look cooked. Information cited from the net is the same old stuff repeated over yet again. The danger is closer and more serious each time story is passed along the net.

There is still the issue of there being no firearm or cartridge manufacturer with a warning about set back. No warning other than those on the net have been cited. How about showing the non-believers some of these real warnings. I can't remember a recall of cartridges due to set back. This would be some solid information not from the net about set back. This would exclude the National Inquirer.
I tend to agree. Though a recall would be because of a manufacturing defect.

I don't reload 45 ACP any more but I still have the dies including a Lee Factory Crimp die. I might just run the cartridge in question through the die to tighten it up
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