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This is just speculation based on the small amount of sand casting I did many years ago.

The fact that this has locating pins suggests that it was meant to be put on the bench, the drag (normally the bottom half of the casting flask/form) put over it, sand put in and rammed, the excess sand scraped off and the whole assembly inverted on the bench.

The the cope (top half) would be put on, sand rammed, sprue and riser cut, and then the cope lifted carefully off, the pictured artifact (both halves of the cannon, facing away from each other) lifted carefully out of the drag, cope and drag reassembled and the casting poured.

The locating pins would keep it all in alignment so the top and bottom would line up and keep the casting lined up - not sure what word to use, symmetrical is not quite right here.

Just a thought but it makes me want to get back to melting metal and making things.
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