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The bullet is 1.338" long in my data and should be stable in an 11" twist barrel down to about 1200 fps MV (calculator here) in an ICAO standard atmosphere. Even lower if your air is warm and humid summer air. Usually, when I have shots go left, but still group, it is because I'm using a sling that is anchoring the front of the stock well, and as recoil increases with bullet weight, the gun pivots more to the left around the front sling swivel because the stock is shifting more to the right on my shoulder (I am not squarely behind it; my anatomy just doesn't work out to let me do that perfectly). However, stock contact with the barrel can also be responsible, as can improperly tightened stock screws. External iron sight or internal scope problems can also be involved. Make sure everything is snug. Look up the stock screw torque spec and tighten the screws with a torque wrench to get that right. Bad bedding or bedding that has gotten oily can cause some odd group placement.
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