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Be aware that what is today considered "standard" .22LR is actually the "high velocity" load from old times, and so is not suitable for some of the old guns.

"Target" velocity ammo is better, and close to what was once the "standard" load.

"strong enough" with an old .22 isn't so much about the gun blowing up when shot but more about current higher speed ammo wearing it out fast. Alloy steels then were not what they are now, and some of the oldest guns are actually IRON with just enough alloy to be technically steel.

If you can find a firing pin it will still probably need to be fitted by a gunsmith to work properly. A good smith could make one if needed. Don't expect a "
plug and play" fit, if you get one, fine, but don't count on it.

also check the chamber were the firing pin strikes, if its peened, (from dryfiring) work may need to be done beyond another firing pin. Gunsmith time for that.

good luck
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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