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Originally Posted by Moonglum View Post
Since you already have an M&P Compct get an M&P FS9. The FS magazines will fit in the compact so you only need to buy 1 type of magazine. Which shortens your supply lines

As for the Glocks I chose the 19 because I'm limited to fifteen rounds by law. My "Back up" is a Glock 26. I bought 5 12 round OEM magazines for it and everything else is a 19 magazine.
^ this. I'll add, If you're used to the grip angle of the s&w, the Glock may take a bit to get used to. They're different feeling guns... I recommend at least looking into it and trying both out side by side. But to answer your question, I feel the 17 is pointless and I'd get a 19 over it anyday. Ymmv

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