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I first registered with this forum while I was overseas on a one year unaccompanied tour to Japan. Finding this board was almost like a godsend, as it was populated by a mess of folks of diverse backgrounds - but with a common interest in firearms. I can't begin to tell you how much it meant to me to be able to interact with folks who had the same likes, dislikes, trials and tribulations and help pass the time overseas.

Then I happened upon a post where Gale had chimed in. At first I thought, "Must be some crank with an attitude - pretending to be GALE McMILLAN! of all people!" But as I started to read more and more into the posts, I began to realize that I was looking at the real deal, and I was amazed.

No, humbled. To think that a true icon in the firearms industry would even consider to take the time to sit down with common folk and discuss topics such as we were talking about at that time... I mean, didn't the guy have a business to run, barrels and rifle stocks and precision rifles to make, and here he was, patiently explaining why you should do this, or why you shouldn't do that? To me, this was amazing and humbling!

Imagine Bill Gates debating operating systems with you on a bulletin board, and this is the correlation I draw.

So, I know I can speak for more than a few to you when I say that I truly have been blessed to have been able to share ideas, thoughts and words with someone with the stature of Gale McMillan. Thanks for reposting his words, and thank you all for giving me this opportunity to touch greatness.

Unkel Gilbey
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