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THINK THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST,INTREUGING THREADS I HAVE SEEN COME UP. When I look at a a fine gun I see hours and hours of thought that went into it to solve a problem that none ever would have known existed. The meshing of a dozen different events into one function . After you have been in this business you can see the mental approaches that certain nationalities use to solve these complex problems. It may sound like so much BS when I say that I can tell you a pistol I have never seen was made by a Frenchman or a German or an Englishman. You can actually see the thought process used in solving problems. An example is with a German gun where a force is required to move a mechanical part. An American would look at it and say that the easiest way to do it would place a toggle between point A and point B. A German would look at it and see that by connecting a toggal from a to c and another from C to B it would reduce the stress on point D and be more German. If you doubt what I say just look under the hood of a German Automobile. A gun is the accumulation of solved problems put together in all the grace and beauty of a piece of fine art. When an American designs a gun it is done with the idea of form follows function and If it can be blended with a touch of beauty that's a plus. I have a German engineer that has been working on our semi auto 50 for 7 years and has redesigned it a half dozen times. Where I would have spent my effort solving the problem with the original design his mind set is if there is a flaw in the design throw out the design and start over!

For me, this one post speakes volumes about this man and his love of firearms. Even though I wasn't a TFLer when he was, he is still sorely missed.
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