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Type 99 long rifle wood restoration

At my local gun store I found an old beat-up type 99 tucked away on the rack. As a collector of milsurps and not having a jap rifle, i haggled them to 150 and walked out with it.

My love with mil surps is cleaning them up and showing them some love. I replace parts when necessary but i prefer to keep them original. The rifle had light rust over the body woth a perfect bore. The stock was the worst part: it had dings and a large crack on the front left that had been shoddily repaired with wood glue. The over all shape was curved as if the wood had been warped at some point. There were also 2 pins in the grip from previous repair

When i got home i stripped it and cleaned the metal with some No. 9 and steel wool which had a wonderful result. Having no wood repairing skill i asked dad about the stock who was equally stumped. I then concluded to get a replacement stock online. I did my research and saw that there were early and late war rifles and upon picture comparison i saw that i had a early war. This stumped me because the markings made it seem as if i had a late war rifle. I ordered an early war stock from Liberty Tree Collectors and waited.

I recieved my stock today and when i unpackaged it and put it next to my old stock i was stumped. The new stock was about 5 inches shorter than the original. I didnt see any info about any other models of type 99. I dug a little deeper online and saw that i had a type 99 long rifle. More collectable and rare than other standard models with only around 38,000 being produced. Meaning very very few parts floating around.

I restore old rifles to breathe life into old beauties and get them back into working order so than can do what they were meant to do. I want to get those old woman back in the field but i want that stock repaired first. Is it possible to clean up this stock any or is it a lost cause? Like i said, i have no wood experience so i will take any ideas.

Trying to upload pics, they keep failing...

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