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Thanx Kozak!
Good information in that comparison. While 1-in-15" for the Governor is slightly faster than the 1-in-16" many manufacturers use in their .45 Colt & .45 ACP revolvers, I noticed that the Taurus Judge rifling is even faster at 1-in-12". That is the fastest twist that I've even seen for any .45 caliber handgun! (And the Judge also spread out it's shot patterns much faster than the Governor.)

While spreading or not spreading the shot pattern, may or may not be tactically desirable, rifling does in fact spread out shot patterns significantly. I had a fully-rifled shotgun barrel that would throw 00 buckshot into donut shaped patterns with almost 18" of empty space in the center at only 7 yards. Thompson Center used to provide a sorta choke tube for their Contenders that were chambered in .45 Colt & .410 shot-shells. This attachment actually had "straight rifling" that was designed to slow down the rotation of the shot column as a result of the rifling in the rest of the barrel.

Thanx again, Dave.
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